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  • Our goal is to offer your staff daily, hygienic and freshly prepared meals through GUSTOMATICs, which will be installed in accessible locations within plazas and large workplaces for 24/7 availability.

  • Our selection of salads, sandwiches, wraps, and desserts to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences are available in our GUSTOMATIC machines. We accept payments made through all major credit cards, company meal cards, and cash. Additionally, we offer the option to add different payment methods if desired.


  • With GUSTOMATIC available in the spacious meeting halls, lobbies, or on meeting floors, we simplify the catering for your meetings and events, while adding value with our consistently fresh and delicious products.

  • You have the option to offer GUSTOMATIC products to your guests either for a fee or free of charge, based on your preference.


GUSTOMATIC is a collaboration between HOME STYLE PRIVATE CATERING, a leading provider of corporate catering and event services, and SES VENDING, a renowned brand in the vending machine industry, is set to launch soon.


The project will initially be introduced in Istanbul and will expand to other cities and regions based on demand by the end of the year.

+90 212 323 0366



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